Professional Catering

When most people refer to a “caterer”, they are referring to an event caterer who serves food with waiting staff and/or sets up a self-serve buffet. Others may think catering consists of a sandwich tray, chips, salad and dessert s that are dropped off to a client’s location (primarily used in the corporate arena). So to answer the next question: yes and yes, that is exactly what we do!

Full Service

Many times food is prepared on site at the event. It may also be brought fully prepared and the finishing touches are put on once it arrives. Wait and culinary staff will always be included with this service. This is a typical setup for festive occasions such as weddings, galas, and cocktail/ hors d’oeuvre parties.

Quick Service

With this service, a breakfast or lunch order is placed several days before your event date. This option is just a drop-off service and does not offer any wait staff or cleanup. We will set up your meal in an area that is easily accessible for you and your guests. This type of service will include all required utensils and service ware.